A database of funding for postdocs & ECRs

In early 2018, I became the eLife Ambassador along with more than 150 others to work to catalyse improvements in the way science is communicated and performed. I have joined the initiatives, with focus on;

Science communication, publishing, funding, open access, open science, preprints, and reproducibility

In the funding initiative, the eLife Ambassadors created a comprehensive Excel sheet of funding schemes and opportunities for postdocs and early career researchers. I then turned that Excel sheet into a searchable HTML page, which was later taken off on Twitter.

Then the Ambassadors Lotte de Winde et al. created a detailed list of travel funding opportunities for postdocs, which is now available here

We encourage the community to help to add new funding opportunities to the list by using the submit tab in the links. You can also fork GitHub repo and submit a pull request.

Now this funding list became ECRcentral ecrcentral.org

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