Computational biology without borders

I discuss the importance of open source software for the scientific discovery in the current data-intensive century. I also shared my experience about the ISMB/ECCB and BOSC 2019 in Basel.

My worst Journal shopping and peer-review experience

It took 3 years to get my first and last PhD paper out after 4 rejections.

Towards a format-free submission policy: Let's put science first

We urge journals and the scientific community to adopt, to put science first and formatting later

A database of funding for postdocs & ECRs

A detailed list of funding schemes and travel grants for postdocs and early career researchers.

JASPAR database in a new look after 14 years

The 2018 release of JASPAR comes with a completely redesigned web interface that meets modern web standards.

Time to make Venn diagrams UpSet

UpSet plots are the right solution to show complex set intersections.

Welcome to my new website using Hugo framework

This is a welcome post about my new website using Acedemic theme for Hugo.